If I were to blog …

I’d say this.

Or something very much like it.  See, I’ve just taken the plunge, and am now Web 2.0 or something like that.  I have a blog.  So 2003 of me.  The thing is, if one (or me) were to blog, you really have to have something say.  Not just the ability to pound out words on the keyboard.  But I mean something meaningful.  Opinion, idea, witty social observation.  So, when I think I have something meaningful, you’ll find it here.  For all to see.

No promises to do this every day, or every other day.  Or even often, really.  But knowing how much I sit around thinking, debating with my friends (some may say argue), and hunting out the really interesting tid-bits of what is going on around us, I hope that I’ll be here often.

And hopefully, so will you.


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