Six Weeks and Counting!

Not wholly on purpose, I took a bit of a blogging break for the height of summer. To be honest (and the aghast of my friends) summer is my least favorite season; the heat, humidity, and long hours of intense sun make me want to hibernate in the AC, drink cocktails, and try to move as little as possible. It is also when I’m at my least creative, so I’ve been struggling with something to blog about.

But this week marks six weeks until Calm Undone‘s release, and there are many things to share.

First, for those that have been asking, Calm Undone is available in paperback! Release date for both the ebook and paperback is October 1st, 2021. You can always pre-order an ebook or paperback through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple, Rakuten Kobo, or your local bookstore. And to add to the excitement, my shipment of books arrived over the weekend!

Second, BQB Books (my awesome publisher) has created a Street Page on Facebook for their great collection of award-winning books by my fellow authors. You can keep up on all the news about my books and other authors by joining.  Also, there is a kick-ass image of a t-shirt with the Calm Undone cover (and I’m trying to get my hands on some of those).

Finally, Calm Undone has been nominated for an International Literacy Association young adult award! Decisions come out in spring of 2022, but still (as they say at the Oscars) it is an honor to be nominated – especially as a debut book!

In hindsight, maybe summer isn’t so bad.