4Runner: A little nostalgia on a big road trip

Rostam’s lyrical ode to relationships, road-trips, and facing the unknown broke into the Alt Nation’s Alt18 this weekend. 4Runner is bound to become the summer’s song of reminiscence and nostalgia, at least for me.

4Runner: From the forthcoming Changephobia album

I’ve been rocking out to it the past two weeks as I worked—first on a news piece for Neuron and then on edits and (final?) revisions for Calm Undone. Whenever 4Runner starts on my playlist, I instantly have feelings of nostalgia.

The opening bars with its acoustic guitar and brushed drums—a relentless beat that drives the song from beginning to end—remind me of Peter Gabriel. I’m back in college, hanging out with my friends, young and carefree. So many stories I could tell . . .

As Rostam starts to sing, the lush harmonies build and I’m suddenly longing for …. something, but I’m not quite sure what. Or when. The summer road trip that hasn’t happened yet? The days I wondered Capitol Hill in Seattle with my friends looking for a night of fun? An ungodly, early morning in San Diego, when I picked up my friends to drive all day to a triathlon? Or something that maybe hasn’t happened yet . . . but whatever it is, I think I’m getting closer.

I should confess, I am a hardcore Vampire Weekend fan, where Rostam got his start, at least professionally. And his first Grammy nod. So it isn’t surprising that I’m digging his latest tune.

But yeah, 4Runner, by Rostam. That’s what is wasting my time right now.


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