Scream Without Raising Your Voice

Acclaimed by Rolling Stone as the ‘Biggest Band in the World,’ and having the most Grammy Awards (22) of any other band, U2 is considered one of the most influential groups of all time.


Their best selling album, The Joshua Tree, elevated them from a touring band known for their stage presence, to a charting bad, with hits like “Where the Streets have no Name,” “With or Without You,” and “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For.”  But it is one of their lessor known hits from The Joshua Tree, “Running to Stand Still,” that I always find myself humming.

Everything about this song just builds – from the simple bass notes at the beginning, to Bono’s wordless howling in the middle; then it subtly ends just as it began, with a soulful harmonica.  A metaphor for rage:  Mild at the beginning, passionate and frantic in the middle, and exhausted and surrendering at the end.  In the midst of this all stands the line,”You got to cry without weeping, Talk without speaking, Scream without raising your voice,” delivered with such persistent calm in a song about desperation is so haunting, that you just can’t help but be impressed at what they accomplished in 4 minutes.


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