The French 3rd Wave: Feline Noir

Excellent. And remember, “the whipped cream in the bathroom is not whipped cream.”

When I lived in Seattle, I was was a sponsoring member of the Seattle International Film Festival.  My friends and I would attend the opening event, usually in mid-May, and then I would embark on 4 weeks of solid cinema, sometimes seeing up to 6 movies in one day.  The closing event usually occurred on my birthday, and there was much debauchery on that day.  Over the years, I saw many, many French movies by directors by the likes Ozon and Zonca – sort of the New French New Wave – and of course, the master’s like Louis Malle (whose 1987 masterpiece ranks as one of my favorite movies of all time).

I love this little video for the sharp satirical wit: The tormented voice-over, the disaffected life, the foolish white cat suffered petulantly, and the Rachmaninov soundtrack.  It made me laugh.

Henri Paw de Deux is what’s wasting my time today.


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