Penis Land? Or Pen Island? You decide.

Once again, insomnia strikes and tonight I find myself hunting the web for things beyond the merely weird.  And I find the following URLs that at first sound like good ideas, but then…. Well, just take a look.

A site called ‘Who Represents’ provides information on the entertainment industry, and lets you find the name of the agent that represents a specific celebrity. Their domain name… wait for it… is

Want to brand your company, department or even family by having your own custom made pens? Look no further than Pen Island at

Looking for a fun, family vacation?  Then why not plan a trip to North Tahoe by visiting,

And finally, if you are seeking counseling, you can find a therapist through Therapist Finder at … I almost hate to type it…. (To be honest, they eventually redirected this to, so someone eventually figured this out).


Call Me. Maybe (Featuring Jimmy Fallon & the Roots)

The Roots playing kindergarten instruments = Awesome!

I had never even heard of this song, until my nephews came to visit last month, and mentioned it.  Then when I finally got around to Googleling it, this is what I found.  And it got me looking at other Fallon clips.  And before I knew it….

I’ve wasted more time today with Jimmy Fallon:  Watching him fool around with Justin Bieber.  And Justin Bieber. Going through the History of Rap with Justin Timberlake (Wait…. what is it with the dudes named Justin?).  And of course The Boss.
Jimmy Fallon is what is wasting my time today….

Fun. Period.

Fun. has been wasting my time.  Fun with a period – the indie rock band from New York City.  Putting their debut album out in 2009, Fun. had a cult following until Glee launched them into stardom: In December of last year Glee covered Fun.’s first release, “We Are Young.”  The song is quite catchy, and you should check out Fun.’s performance of it on the Colbert Report a couple of days ago: Bouncy, awkward, and operatic come to mind, all in a good way.

They’ve been described as “Squeaky Clean,” and on their interview with the Today Show they came across as articulate, thoughtful, and quite geeky.  I’m digging their stuff, especially the title song of their new album, Some Nights.  Here is their performance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.  I love the line “The most amazing things come from terrible lies.”  It hits home.

So yeah.  Fun.  That’s what has been wasting my time….