Dog Days….

I’m back – but just for a quick video and then I am off again.  Grading papers and work has me swamped now.  But the start of next quarter should be slower (and then all holy hell breaks loose again while I am teaching three – count them, THREE physiology courses over 5 weeks).  I keep thinking my Dog Days are over, for sure….

Which brings me to my latest Time Waster:  Searching out videos of Florence + The Machine doing live shows.  This video really lets you see much she loves to perform, and how much the audience loves the strange venue for the show.


Shit Graduate Students Say…..

Part of me believes that being a graduate student is really about learning what NOT to say.  And this YouTube video is proof!  I have to admit, my graduate training experience was not near as bleak as this one – but there were days when I wondered “What the hell am I doing here?”  My friends and I use to go the bar and ask each other that all the time.  Nowadays, though, I guess you make a video of it and just post it.

So this is what is wasting my time today…..